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Introducing "On Target" - gaming laser light designator

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Fallcon 2015 Oct 16-18 to be the offical launch for On-Target! (Oh, another free contest!)

We're proud and pleased to announce that we at Gamesmith are going to be working together with our friends at FallCon in several ways. In case you are unaware of Fallcon then let us say that it’s a great convention for tabletop games of all stripes and that we've been attending for (wow!) 25+ years! FallCon 2015 is October 16-18 at the Calgary Commonwealth Centre.

Here's how we're working together:

First there's of course a CONTEST that FallCon is sponsoring! A chance to win two weekend passes to FallCon 2015 and win an On-Target Laser Designator.

Have a look on our facebook page.

The official contest rules are on facebook, this is just an unofficial note to make sure you know about the opportunity. To enter, simply: • POST a comment on that image! • LIKE the Gamesmith Facebook page! SHARE on facebook to increase your chance to win: Winner to be drawn early if that post reaches 300 shares, so SHARE this contest and tag your friends who love miniatures, rpgs, boardgames, and FallCon!

Good luck! Bon Chance! :)

We’re also going to be attending FallCon for the official launch of the On-Target Laser Designator! This means that, yes, you have a local pickup option at our booth, with FallCon's sponsorship you can get one laser plus a weekend pass for only $59!

Of course we'll be giving more On-Target Laser Designators for FallCon to give away as door and event prizes, and much, much more. We believe, as those at FallCon do, that "People + Games = Better Communities, Families, and Relationships". FallCon’s prime focus is providing you a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of organized, well-run and moderated events. Going to a convention like FallCon is where you'll meet new and old friends time and again, make friendships that last many decades, and have some of the best gaming and conversations that you could ever want.

In addition to all of that there are hundreds and hundreds of games in the FallCon Game Library that you can borrow- and even have a FallCon Ambassador help you and your new and old friends learn to play. That on top of a red hot auction on the Saturday, and on the Sunday a fantastic Flea Market where you can find so many more games at great prices!

FallCon also hosts gaming events around Calgary and area all year long, I've helped host many of these events and am always excited at the gaming opportunities that they provide. So join us at FallCon, and may the odds be forever in your favour!

We want to thank our friends at FallCon and all our wonderful backers and supporters! =D