Fully funded

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Well constructed, bright, affordable.

Introducing "On Target" - gaming laser light designator

Easily Determine Lines of sight


Artist Rendition of Limited Deluxe KS Exclusive.

You did it! We're fully funded!

We're very appreciative that backers like you see the value of a quality product that will turn your games from awesome to 'pure awesome'! We thank you very much for your support of us and our great product, the On-Target Laser Designator!  =)


You asked, we listened, you asked again, we poked an engineer, you asked some more and we turned into zombies and chased engineers for days screaming "GrEEEeeeEeeeNs" (we think the engineers are pretty freaked out by this point). We are going to have GREEN lasers for you! The exact details are still being tweaked, they will be roughly the same power and specifications and the quality as On-Target red laser designators. We're going to still be working to get you a better price, though that will depend on our production and we might tweak the casing a bit. If we reach our $100,000 stretch goal you'll be able to buy these separately, currently they can only come as part of the LIMITED Deluxe KS Exclusive package...


A two pack of On-Target with both a red and a green laser in a metal case with a foam insert. Each case will hold 2 lasers and 4 batteries (included). $129 plus shipping. If we can reach our $25,000 stretch goal we can take $5 off of the shipping cost (passing on our bulk production discount to you!). Limited numbers, only 100 sets!


As you know our shipping to Canada, the EU, and the USA are all done from within, so there's no added cost to you from customs (it's built into the price). When comparing anything in life it's best to look at everything, and our very low shipping, no customs and no fees, well that's a huge deal. If you order from us after the kickstarter we aren't sure we can offer that same great deal- we hope to, we're just not sure we can. So back us now.  :)


We have a plan that will make local pickup an option, a juicy, tasty, option! If our plan is realized then if you're in town or want to visit us and do something which we can't tell you about yet, then when we let you know you'll be all "that's totally awesome!", so stay tuned for that. :)


We have another contest, our friends at the Sentry Box (biggest game store around!) are sponsoring a prize draw.

DO YOU LIKE FREE STUFF?! Of course you do! 8D

A chance to WIN the ON-TARGET Laser Designator for miniatures LoS!

If a backer should win we'll happily add it to your order. The official contest rules are on facebook, this is just an unofficial note to make sure you know about the opportunity.

To enter, simply: • POST a comment on *that* image! • LIKE the Gamesmith Facebook page!

SHARE on facebook to increase your chance to win: Winner to be drawn early if that post reaches 300 shares, so SHARE this contest and tag your friends who love miniatures, rpgs, and boardgames!

Good luck! Bon Chance! :)