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Well constructed, bright, affordable.

Introducing "On Target" - gaming laser light designator

Easily Determine Lines of sight


Someone Get Out And Push! =)

We're just about funded, so if you want to help push us over the edge, feel free to let your friends know and share the project on social media! =)

We're almost there and we couldn't have done it without you seeing what a great product this is and how it basically will turn your games into deluxe versions by letting you play more and fiddle less with arcs and line of sight. Thank you! :D

Here's some news if you haven't been checking our facebook page- we post a little news there and combine news here so you don't get too many notifications. ;)

1) We're still working on getting the green laser as an option at a good price, it's hard to do so we'll let you know later this week how we've been doing, along with that comes;

2) Some people wanted a two pack, 1 green and 1 red laser, so we're trying to put together a nice deluxe limited edition kickstarter only package, it'll come with a metal case that holds both lasers securely for when you aren't using them and as a place to store extra batteries just in case you need them.

3) Speaking of batteries, we're going to be adding the option for extra batteries for those that can't stop using ON-TARGET! It comes with two and that's going to last, though we'll add the option to add four batteries for $3 (50% off retail). Battery life varies though the manufacturer has tested these at 150hrs, we've seen some variance in that and usually it'll be less- especially if you want the brightest laser light.

4) And a stretch goal, All backers receiving On-Target will receive two extra batteries when we make our $25k funding goal!

5) And a little dreaming can't hurt, if we make that glorious six figure number we're going to subsidize and knock 10% off shipping. We actually might even do more though we're still sharpening our pencils to squeeze the best deal for you... we're working on something that 'could' get shipping down 1/3, not sure at this point if it's going to happen.

In case you missed it, we're giving away a FREE LASER on our Facebook page; 

DO YOU LIKE FREE STUFF?! Of course you do! 8D

A chance to WIN the ON-TARGET Laser Designator for miniatures LoS!

If a backer should win we'll happily add it to your order. The official contest rules are on facebook, this is just an unofficial note to make sure you know about the opportunity.

To enter, simply: • POST a comment on that image! • LIKE the Gamesmith Facebook page!

SHARE on facebook to increase your chance to win: Winner to be drawn early if that post reaches 500 shares, so SHARE this contest and tag your friends who love miniatures, rpgs, and boardgames!

Good luck! Bon Chance! :)