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Well constructed, bright, affordable.

Introducing "On Target" - gaming laser light designator

Easily Determine Lines of sight


Backers We're Over 50% And There's A Contest! :)

Everything is trending well and the kickstarter is moving along nicely.  We wanted to thank you all for your continued support, and let you now we really appreciate the honour of being able to deliver to you an awesome tool that's going to basically turn the games you use it for into a deluxe edition; faster, more fun, and with infinitely more lasers! =)

We're working on a variety of things for you to include some free perks, discounts, as well as optional add-ons. We'll let you know what's up with those as we get more information.  We can tell you that the manufacturer has been able to get the line thickness of the laser down to just under 1mm, that means it'll be even more accurate- even though it was already better than bacon (and not much is in life!).  No extra cost for that it's simply our manufacturer looking out for you and us!

Also, there's a CONTEST on our facebook page; 

DO YOU LIKE FREE STUFF?! Of course you do! 8D

A chance to WIN the ON-TARGET Laser Designator for miniatures LoS!

If a backer should win we'll happily add it to your order.  The official contest rules are on facebook, this is just an unofficial note to make sure you know about the opportunity.

To enter, simply: • POST a comment on that image! • LIKE the Gamesmith Facebook page!

SHARE on facebook to increase your chance to win: Winner to be drawn early if that post reaches 500 shares, so SHARE this contest and tag your friends who love miniatures, rpgs, and boardgames!

Good luck! Bon Chance! :)