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Well constructed, bright, affordable.

Introducing "On Target" - gaming laser light designator

Easily Determine Lines of sight


1/3 of the way in 3 of the 1st days!

We've passed the 33% point and barring alien invasion we are trending well beyond our goal. A HEARTY THANK YOU for everyone that has backed us at any level! =)

For those that are still thinking, take your time and if you have any questions just ask- we’d LOVE to hear from you! :D

Miniatures Gamers LOVE ON-TARGET for LoS! Argue Less, Play More! Point & Shoot. Fast & Easy. Keep friends, lose frustrations.

We've some good news for those that have been concerned about tough regulations in their locality, ON-TARGET is now a Class 1 Laser, we were able to show regulators that the focal point along any spot on the line was only a fraction of the energy output. As a line designator and not a laser pointer it has fewer restrictions from legislation.

In other news we’re going to be offering an optional add-on, some people have wanted a base to hold the laser, so we’re just confirming details from our previous base design with the manufacturer to offer that. It’s not needed, though if you craved a hands free option- there you are. :)

Later this week we’ll be updating the video with more action of our star the ON-TARGET Laser Designator, I’m looking forward to crushing Gabe in a game or two, if anyone needs his address to send him some Kleenex I suppose that’s alright. ;)

If you are interested you can ‘Like Us’ on Facebook;  (we’d appreciate that!). While all the important information will be on kickstarter, sometimes we'll go into more details or cover something for interests sake, we're even going to have some contests starting this week.

You can also find us on our website. Hopefully we aren't too chatty- we want to keep on top of all the exciting progress of the Kickstarter. With that in mind always feel comfortable posting a comment or sending a message, we are very happy to hear your thoughts and answer questions.

We also wanted to give thanks to our friends at the Dice Tower , Dice Tower News,  and Kick The Table, for helping to get the word out!

-to be continued with more awesomeness soon. :)