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Well constructed, bright, affordable.

Introducing "On Target" - gaming laser light designator

Easily Determine Lines of sight


Welcome to the On-Target Kickstarter!

 We're very pleased to have you stop by and check out our project! :)

If you've already backed the project than a SUPER BIG THANK-YOU!  =D

We hope you don't mind if we keep you all informed, we're a bit chatty and want to keep on top of all the exciting progress of the kickstarter. With that in mind always feel comfortable posting a comment or sending a message, we are very happy to hear your thoughts and answer questions.

If you are interested you can like us on Facebook. While all the important information will be on kickstarter, sometimes we'll go into more details or cover something for interests sake, we're even going to have some contests.

Our video on kickstarter has been re-compressed, nothing of the content has changed.  Early next week we're going to be updating the video with more action shots and more video of the star; the On-Target Laser Designator.

We also wanted to let you know that we officially added the graphic for 'Kicking It Forward' and will pledge 5% of the profits from the finished product back to the Kickstarter community. You can read more about this program at kickingitforward.org.

Late in the day we received some information from our manufacturer and they let us know that their costs on the green laser went down. Should we meet that stretch goal and you have a fondness for that type of laser we've lowered the price for that add-on upgrade.

Speaking of add-on's and stretch goals, we're going to keep on top of those to see how low can we go, personally I'd like everyone to get a free novelty shark with a frickin' laser pointer attached to it's head- for now though we were able to lower the price a bit should we meet that stretch goal thanks to the updated manufacturer pricing.

Update you more soon. Sit, stay awhile. :)